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Research and creation

The rise of AI and digital technology has created major questions in all sectors, from health to education. The projects supported and completed by the Observatory’s researchers, members and partners will help produce and spread the knowledge needed to build more just and prosperous societies.

Monitoring and surveys

The Observatory monitors technology to identify AI and digital practices that, when applied, promote responsible innovation. It also conducts surveys to find out what citizens, students and businesses know about technology, the challenges related to its development and the obstacles to its implementation.


The future is wide open. The Observatory helps a range of stakeholders in our societies determine which impacts of AI and digital technology are socially acceptable for society. Among its activities, the Observatory leads public deliberations to test the principles laid out in the Montréal Declaration for the responsible development of artificial intelligence and to deploy them in different spheres of activity.

Public policy

Through its work, the Observatory will be able to issue recommendations to the different levels of government (municipal, provincial and federal) to provide a framework for the responsible production and use of AI and digital technology.

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