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As a monthly appointment, Gabrielle Joni Verreault invites you to listen to the exchanges that take place in the discussion space BandWit (named Bande Pensante in French). Each episode allows one person from academia and one from business and/or entrepreneurship to weigh in on a technology ethics topic. This initiative of the Ethics, Governance and Democracy research theme alternates episodes in English and French. It is perfectly in line with OBVIA’s orientation to promote a constructive and democratic dialogue through the appropriation of AI and accessible digital technology.

Episode 1: Ethics and Sci-Fi

24 September 2021

  • James Kotecki (Infinia ML, Machine Meet World)
  • Bryn Williams-Jones (École de santé publique, Université de Montréal, and co-head researcher of OBVIA’s Ethics, Governance and Democracy research theme)

Episode 2: Cybersecurity and Hacking

29 October 2021

  • Sébastien Gambs (UQÀM, Chaire de recherche du Canada en analyse respectueuse de la vie privée et éthique des données massives et researcher member of OBVIA)
  • Vincent B.-Tremblay (Hackfest)

Discussion about the different aspects surrounding the hacking culture and the ethical issues of cybersecurity.

Episode 3: Video Games and Gaming Culture

26 November 2021

Level up with us into the 3rd episode, where we talk about the unexpected ethics surrounding video games, gaming culture, and the industry that rules it. To get into it, we are teaming up with:

  • Alex Craft, an Aussie ex-pat living in British Columbia and production manager with his name attached to more than 10 Triple-A games! (Formerly EA Games)
  • Mia Consalvo, professor at Concordia University and Canada Research Chair in Game Studies and Design

Let’s see if they will go coop to capture this flag of videogame knowledge or go head to head in an online battle of gaming wits and reflexes!

Episode 4: Ethical issues of Music

28 January 2022

  • Philippe Béland (Doctor of Music and host at CISM)
  • Me Geneviève Côté (Lawyer and lecturer at UQÀM)

Discussion about technology in music and how it is changing our approach to creativity.

Episode 5: Right to Repair

23 March 2022

You have the right to repair your own things! … Or do you? Think you can just repair your own things? Not everyone does, and some companies are actively working to prevent you from being able to do so!

  • Elizabeth Chamberlain (Director of Sustainability at iFixit)
  • Anthony Rosborough ((Doctoral Researcher and Intellectual Property Lawyer)

In this special episode our producer, hacker and local handyman Denis Luchyshyn will be joining us to share his misadventures navigating the world of repairs.

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