Research themes

  • Abeona-ENS-OBVIA Chair on AI and Social Justice

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  • COVID-19

    With the support of the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ), the OBVIA is carrying out several projects on the effects of AI systems and digital tools deployed to fight against the spread of COVID-19 on societies.

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  • Ethics, Governance and Democracy

    Numerous codes of ethics have been created to govern AI and digital technology. How do we concretely apply these principles in the field of research, within companies and in civil society? Researchers in this field are working to develop ethical governance of technology.

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  • Education and Empowerment

    Learn, debate, create and innovate. Technology will play a role in turning today’s youth into tomorrow’s citizens. We must reflect on how to improve digital literacy and ways to mobilize AI and digital technology to increase accessibility to education and training, and to support learning.

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  • International Relations, Humanitarian Action and Human Rights

    How do we set limits for the use of technology such as killer robots? How do we prevent AI from widening the gap between regions within the same country or on the same continent? How can digital technology help us attain the Millennium Development Goals?

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  • Industry 4-0, Work and Employment

    AI and digital technology are driving a new industrial revolution. Some tasks are set to disappear and new functions will emerge. The rise of technology will impact business models and organizations’ processes, with the effect of disrupting professions.

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  • Environment, Smart Cities, Territory and Mobility

    AI and digital technology can be both lifesaving and destructive to the environment. While data centres and planned obsolescence contribute to climate change, technology can facilitate the transition of cities to smarter and more sustainable mobility solutions.

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  • Law cyberjustice and cybersecurity

    AI and digital technology can help lower costs and reduce delays in the justice system. But their use poses risks in terms of discrimination and invasion of privacy. The dangers of the fraudulent manipulation of data and tools must also be countered.

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  • Arts, Media and Cultural Diversity

    AI and digital technology are disrupting the arts, media and culture, whether by enabling the creation of interactive work, facilitating the circulation of information (and fake news) or serving both as an engine for and obstacle to cultural diversity.

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  • Sustainable Health

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technology allow for earlier diagnoses and treatments that are better adapted to each person’s specific needs. But, if these technologies are to fulfil their promises, patient data must be securely managed.

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