Seminar: Understanding the Tensions and Convergences between Privacy and Ethics for the Responsible Development of Machine Learning

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26 May 2021


13:30 - 15:00



Machine learning models are now ubiquitous in our society. However, their widespread use raises important privacy and ethical issues, especially if their predictions are applied in areas where they can have a significant impact on individuals. To understand how best to responsibly integrate privacy and ethics into the development of machine learning models, we must first have a clear vision of how these concepts interact. The goal of this seminar is precisely to discuss this issue using an interdisciplinary approach that lies at the intersection of computer science, law, and ethics.

The main results discussed are the result of a project funded by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada in the 2020-2021 call.

Facilitation / moderation:
Hugo Cyr, Professor, Département des sciences juridiques, UQAM

Introduction and presentation of the main issues:
Ulrich Aïvodji, Postdoctoral fellow, UQAM
Céline Castets-Renard, Professor, Chaire de recherche de l’Université sur l’intelligence artificielle responsable à l’échelle mondiale, Université d’Ottawa
Sébastien Gambs, Professor, Département d’informatique, UQAM
Aude Marie Marcoux, PhD student and lecturer at École des sciences de la gestion, UQAM
Dominic Martin, Professor, Département d’organisation et ressources humaines, UQAM

Feedback and comments by the discussants:
Pierre-Luc Déziel, Professor, Faculté de droit, Université Laval
Jocelyn Maclure, Professor, Faculty de philosophie, Université Laval

Question period from the audience

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